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Coach D

Coach Daniels came to me because he needed help with his way of life. He was tired all the time and had no energy. He was at his heaviest weight and on medication for diabetes and high blood pressure. Uncomfortable, he needed help with nutrition and making healthy food choices for meals and snacks, sleeping tips and a workout program. We worked on his needs with eating better, incorporating healthy snacks during the day and not eating after 8pm. In just one month he lost 15 lbs and was sleeping better, eating better and had his energy back! Once he started losing the weight and having more energy, we started with an exercise program. Coach Daniels wanted to lose 40lbs in 6 months. He surpassed his goal and lost close to 50lbs. He is off two of his medications and continues to feel awesome. He has accomplished all of his goals and he is still going strong with eating healthy, moving more and living a better life. This was not a diet but a lifestyle change.

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