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Brenda has been there from Day 1 and has been a great support system so I stay on track for my goals. I can trust her so she still holds me accountable.

— T. McClure

Brenda provided a comprehensive approach and personalized assessment which has given me the necessary tools to understand the impact the food I eat has on my body. 

— A. Sicillia

Brenda is such a wonderful person and the support she gave me was above and beyond of what I expected. She was always there for me when I had a question or needed the help to stay on track.

— B. Shaffer

Brenda has helped me understand the role of food and nutrition & how it plays in the overall effort to good health. I have never been so focused.

— T. Simmons

Brenda's enthusiasm and encouragement really kept me going. She was a great resource throughout the program and I exceeded all of my goals!

— Coach Daniels

I would definitely recommend her to anyone who wants to become more health conscious, learn about good eating habits, exercise more and lose weight! 

------- Sue Nickerson

Brenda helped me over several months to focus on eating and trying to free up at least 30 mins a day for me to workout, read, or write in my journal. After a very long 6 ½ months I weighed myself and I have lost 36 pounds!!!!

------- Rachel Findling


Brenda has led me to a headspace about fitness where I have incorporated overall physical and mental wellness into a lifestyle change that will enable me to stay fit and make healthy choices permanently. 

------- Kathleen Boyce


Brenda helped me lose 20 lbs and 4 inches off my waist in three months. I couldn’t believe how awesome her program worked! I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone who is serious about living a healthier lifestyle. She gives you the tools for long-term success, Thank YOU Coach Brenda!

------- John Quigley


I wanted to lose 45 pounds, reduce the number of medications I was taking, and improve my bike-riding ability.  Some big, lofty goals, but Brenda didn’t bat an eye.  She completely restructured my eating habits- I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life!!! 

------- John Reardon

Brenda’s ability to encourage and care for others is a gift.  When she is with you in a session, she is 100% present and focused on your goals and/or challenges. Anyone looking for that extra push to be a better version of yourself needs to reach out to Brenda.  She will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses in a nonjudgmental way.  She will cheer you every step of your health journey.

------- Kim Huver


Brenda really cares about her clients.  She teaches mind and body together.  She is supportive of my journey.  She has helped me integrate movement activities as well as taught me to pick and choose my foods carefully. Brenda is always there for me, she treats all her clients as individuals, and she is extremely heartfelt about it.

------- Carol Drabiszczak


Working with Brenda was awesome, I lost weight, all my clothes fit better, I’m way happier, and have tons more energy. Anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or wanting to know more about the right food to eat and when to eat them needs to work with Brenda -she is AWESOME!

------- Paige Estenshade


Brenda is a very knowledgeable coach and really cares about her clients. Not only did she help me, a 50 year old mom, lose weight, but she also helped my college athlete gain weight. Brenda is relatable and holds you accountable with her weekly check-ins. I have never felt better! I have more energy, I get less tired, sleeping better and keeping the weight off with no fluctuations.

  I had three primary goals when I signed up for her 6-month program:  get more active; eat better and stop the late-night snacking; become more sociable.

Brenda was the most encouraging person I’ve ever met!  She was so enthusiastic, she never gave up on me, and was there for any questions or issues I was having.  It was like I had my own personal, motivational coach whenever I needed it!!

------- Dee Dee Richardson


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------- Jen McEvoy


------- Marianne Nameth

------- Erika Harvey

------- Mellodee Davenport


------- Liz Bauer


------- Liz Bauer

This could be YOUR testimonial. Contact Brenda today!

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------- Liz Bauer

This could be YOUR testimonial. Contact Brenda today!

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