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K. Boyce

I started my fitness journey over five years ago, but it has been very difficult for me to maintain my weight and my commitment to the gyms that I have joined. My weight, my muscle tone, my energy, and my fitness level all depended upon factors that were set by the different gyms and their weight loss plans for me: meal plans, four to six days a week at the gym, FB check ins, etc. I was in an endless quest to achieve my fitness goals with never an end in sight. Until I connected with Brenda and her Active Nutrition philosophy. It has changed my life! Thanks to Brenda, and her positive coaching, I have learned that there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss and fitness. Instead, Brenda has led me to a headspace about fitness where I have incorporated overall physical and mental wellness into a lifestyle change that will enable me to stay fit and make healthy choices permanently. Since finishing my Active Nutrition program with Brenda, I have maintained the loss of inches and weight, and I no longer feel deprived or a desperate need to get into the gym to shape up. I am now armed with knowledge that helps me make the right food and fitness choices everyday, and I’ve learned that consistently making the right choices is the way for me to successfully, and realistically, achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle! And I have Coach Brenda to thank for it! - Kathleen Boyce

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