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E. Harvey

My journey with Coach Brenda Kiely at Active Nutrition has been incredible. I've stayed committed to my health, and it's been amazing. Through Brenda's program, I lost 20 lbs in 6 months, and what's even better? I've maintained that weight loss! I was able to have my daughter on Brenda's workout Zoom calls and she inspired me to keep at it with my wellness journey!

Her program taught me that making lifestyle changes and finding joy in movement was the key. I shifted from overtraining and stress to purposeful movement, incorporating activities I adore, like teaching yoga to my students and being involved in basketball and gymnastics. Balancing my roles as a teacher, mom, and wife was tough, but now, I've found time for myself.

I've learned that self-care and doing what you love are crucial. I'm proud of my progress and excited to keep it up! 

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