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K. Huver

I was searching for some help to clean up my diet, improve my bone health and flexibility, and learn how to reduce stress.  Brenda was a fantastic health coach, she really taught me how to read labels, identify the hidden ingredients that were negatively impacting my health, and even exercised with me and encouraged me while I was ‘whining’ about it!


Anyone looking for that extra push to be a better version of yourself needs to reach out to Brenda.  She will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses in a nonjudgemental way.  She will cheer you every step of your health journey.


Brenda’s ability to encourage and care for others is a gift.  When she is with you in a session, she is 100% present and focused on your goals and/or challenges.


She not only helped me to reach my health goals but has continued to encourage me long after our sessions have ended.  Her friendship and support are greatly appreciated!

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