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J. Reardon

I met Brenda through my physical therapist.  She came highly recommended, but I was a bit skeptical, so I decided to sign up for her 3-month program.  It became quickly apparent to me that I was in for a life-changing experience!


I wanted to lose 45 pounds, reduce the number of medications I was taking, and improve my bike-riding ability.  Some big, lofty goals, but Brenda didn’t bat an eye.  She completely restructured my eating habits- I am eating healthier than I ever have in my life!!!  I completely changed what I eat for snacks, and all but eliminated sugar.  And guess what?  I like it!!!


I made so much progress in my first 3 months, I immediately signed up for another 3-month program.  I’ve reached all my goals, and actually exceeded my weight-loss goal!  I feel so much better about myself, I am happy, I feel great, I’m sleeping better, playing golf better, biking better, medications are all but gone!


I would highly recommend Brenda to anyone looking to make life improvements- she changed my life for the better!!

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