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P. Estenshade

I was looking to lose weight, increase my energy levels and learn how to properly nourish my body with the right kinds of food.  I’ve known Brenda for a long time and thought I would sign up for her program.  


Brenda gave me more than I thought I needed!  She kept me on track and held me accountable, she taught me so much about what foods were good for me, and what I should avoid, and she shared so many beneficial, calorie-burning workouts that I could do at home, or in the gym, so there were NO excuses!!


Working with Brenda was awesome, I lost weight, all my clothes fit better, I’m way happier, and have tons more energy .Anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle, or wanting to know more about the right food to eat and when to eat them needs to work with Brenda -she is AWESOME!  She cares about you as a person, not just about some silly diet!

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