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J. Michale

Brenda is a very knowledgeable coach and really cares about her clients. Not only did she help me, a 50 year old mom, lose weight, but she also helped my college athlete gain weight. Brenda is relatable and holds you accountable with her weekly check-ins. She has taught me the importance of nutrition, especially how to read labels and what is in our food. This was such an eye opener for me and making these changes with my food choices was the key to my success. I have never felt better! I have more energy, I get less tired, sleeping better and keeping the weight off with no fluctuations. I also have less sugar cravings. I would recommend Brenda to everyone. She is an amazing person and a great coach! Thank you Brenda for helping me on my wellness journey. I have learned so much and will continue to use the tools I have been given for continued success with my health!

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